EVE Online: How to Lose a Ship In Low-Sec

It’s been about a month since I started playing EVE Online, and I’ve learned a fair bit about the game, but throughout most of my time in game, I’ve spent it in the relative safety of high-security systems. There the CONCORD police force quickly and efficiently responds to anyone attempting to randomly attack other players, outside of sanctioned duels and declared corporation wars.

I recently decided to remedy that situation, take some risks, and fly out to low-sec space to see if it was any more profitable, or fun. I was able to spend a few days hunting pirates in relative safety, making a modest amount of ISK off of the spoils of combat. I stuck to low-sec systems only one or two jumps away from high-sec space so I could make a quicker run back to my home station to either sell off the stuff I acquired or repair if needed.

But as anyone who’s played EVE knows, nothing stays the same.

I was on another of these little excursions last night, and I had cleared 7 or 8 asteroid belts’ worth of Guristas pirates. I looted the last set of wrecks and had just pulled in my fighter drones when I got my first taste of real PVP combat.

By ‘real PVP combat’ I of course mean I was blown out of the stars in the span of a few seconds by a player in a Proteus strategic cruiser. I was in a Vexor drone-boat cruiser.

I feel a bit of pride in how I reacted to my first gank as it unfolded. I saw the player suddenly appear on my overview list, blinking red and indicating I’d been targeted. I immediately reacted by turning on every defensive system I had, targeting my aggressor, redeploying my drones, activating my afterbuner, warp scrambler and stasis web. By this point I had also been scrambled and webbed, so my attempts to warp out of the system were for naught. Still, I turned on the guns and sent my drones at my attacker in the hopes of doing at least some damage.

I don’t think I managed to. A few seconds (and some massive damage numbers) later, my Vexor was a cloud of gas and scrap metal. I was able to warp out in my pod, and headed at best possible speed back to my station. The entire fight lasted maybe 10-15 seconds, maximum. I lost a ship that, fitted out, probably cost about 10 million ISK (not a whole lot, all things considering), plus the bits of scrap metal, loot and ammo I had been carrying.

But you know what?

I salute you, random dude who drop-ganked me. You were my first test of how I’d react to being ganked. I was in low-sec, and I knew the risks. Losing a ship isn’t a big deal, but knowing that my first instincts were to buckle down and do the logical things to try to either get away or fight back rather than panic and flail just shows that I think I’ll definitely fit in in this universe. I hope to run across you again, when I’ve got more skills and better equipment under my belt. Perhaps I’ll put up a better fight next time, and maybe, in time, I’ll return the favor.

Here’s a link to the killmail, so anyone who reads this and plays EVE can laugh at my fitting:

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